The Crew (Queens Hall Nuneaton)

On June 27th we are going to be playing a benefit gig in support of Nuneaton’s only professional music venue which has been fined £5,000 for advertising its events illegally. Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council say that the advertisements they place around the town are a danger to drivers because they attract driver’s attention making the roads more dangerous to other drivers and pedestrians.

This is is all well and good until you consider that the council allow themselves to advertise in exactly the same places and also sell permission to other companies to advertise in the same places, but with the exception the venue who tried to obtain permission but was told “don’t even bother applying because we will reject you”.

We feel that the council have some kind of vendetta against the venue, the Queens Hall, and so we have decided to support the campaign to try to get the council to reform its laws to allow the venue to advertise legally.

The event will take place at the Queens Hall on Saturday June 27th and will feature five local bands including ourselves, Children Lost in Time, the High Tones, Puma XIII and Skandemonium. The aim is to try to raise money to support the venue and reduce the negative impact that such a fine will have.

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