Man giving the V protestingFound a pretty good article by Vice about the plight of London’s arts scene. Check it out here

No Money, No Space, No Time: How London Has Forced out Musicians

It didn’t used to be this bad. What the hell went wrong?

At a panel late last year titled “Is London Too Rich to be Interesting?”, Saatchi-approved sculpture pioneer Gavin Turk, now 48-years old, was asked a simple question by an audience member: “If you had your time again, from now, in this London – with no grant, and no time to spend swimming around for patrons – how would you do it? Would you still be here? Would you stay?” Prior to that, he’d indulged the audience with stories about how a glorious and multi-faceted London of times past had given him the opportunities, freedom and inspiration he needed to explore his art and self, and become who he is, but he can’t help stutter on this question for some time, before coming to a long winded conclusion which I’ll simplify here: no, probably not actually….

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