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“Recently I have been listening to the new self titled EP by digital metal band THE iZUNA DROP and I must say that I am in awe of them since listening to their music.


Never have I heard of a digital metal band but since listening to their EP for the last few days I am amazed how brilliantly they have infused ‘dupstep, drum ‘n’ bass’ with metal, they have made that fusion of dubstep and metal their own, in fact I was recently informed that the songs that they have done on the EP was actually done at home and not in a studio of which I seriously thought that they had done it in a studio, when I was told that they did it at home I was really taken aback.


I enjoy listening to them and with their blend of digital work with great guitar playing and the amazing singing voice of lead singer Jon Ayre.


At points in each song you have a nice soft voice and other parts you have a really heavy voice but all the time you have a very powerful voice. I really enjoy all the songs on the EP but 1 song stands out the most for me and that song is The Betrayal because you have a brilliant digital beginning, then the guitar comes into it and then you have the singing come into it thick and fast so it really hits you that these are a fantastic metal band.


Throughout the EP the songs attracted more and more of my attention with each song and when Jon Ayre drops the heavy singing you are just taken away with the song and when one song finishes you just want to hear more which is what you want from a great metal band, songs that you are able to relax and enjoy listening to.


I give the EP a 9/10″


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Review By Mark Pritchard

News Was Posted on: 16th April, 2015